Blackmer SNP1.5 Positive Displacement Pump

$ 10,725.00

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Blackmer SNP pumps are typically used in handling a variety of corrosive or caustic fluids such as acids, brines, and liquid foods such as sugars, syrups, beer, beet juice,cider and flavor extracts. Many pumps used in corrosive service use stainless steel for all parts in contact with the fluid. However, the resulting metal-to-metal contact often causes galling and seizing that can become a major maintenance problem. While Blackmer uses 316 stainless steel on all significant wetted parts, sliding vanes and reversible carbon discs are nonmetallic. This reduces friction and eliminates galling
  • Unique sliding-vane pump design self-adjusts for wear to maintain flow rates.
  • Symmetrical bearing support assures even loading and wear for long life.
  • Adjustable relief valve protects pump against excessive pressures.
  • Easy maintenance: vanes can be easily replaced without removing the pump from the piping system.
  • These stainless steel pumps are available in 1 1⁄4,  1 1⁄2, 2, 2 1⁄2 and 3-inchport sizes with capacities from 2 to 265 gpm
    (8-1,003 L/min). Standard SNP pumps are
    constructed with self-lubricating sleeve bearings and PTFE impregnatedshaft