Blackmer LGB1PE LP-gas Pump

$ 2,120.00

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  • These durable motor speed pumps offer capacities from 9 to  U.S. GPM (34-132 L/
  • min), and are ideal for motor fueling, multiple-station cylinder filling, and a variety of small
  • transfer jobs. The LGL models are designed for foot mounting to a common base-plate. The
  • LGLF models are fitted with an integral bracket and coupling for direct flange mounting
  • to a NEMA C-face motor. This bracket also allows the pump body to be rotated to simplify
  • hookup to piping systems.
  • Available with 1-inch NPT tapped ports, all models are equipped with an internal
  • relief valve, and a replaceable casing liner and end discs for easy rebuilding of the pumping chamber if ever necessary. The LGRLF 1.25-inch model features a special liner, which offers
  • lower flow rates than the LGL 1.25-inch pump. In addition, these pumps feature cavitation suppression liners to reduce noise, vibration and wear.
  • Standard construction materials for these models include Buna-N mechanical seals and
  • Duravanes for handling both LP gas and anhydrous ammonia. Maximum differential pressure is 150 psi (10.34 Bar) for all models.