GNX4A Positive Displacement Pump

$ 9,370.00

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GNX4A Pump  (GX4B was Discontinued)

Clean, non-corrosive industrial liquids and petroleum products. Typical applications include fuel oils, lube oils, jet fuels, gasoline, edible oils, and a variety of solvents and thinners such as esters, ketones, naphthas, ethers, amines, aromatics, alcohols, terpenes, glycols, and many other similar liquids.

  • Integral head-mounted gear reduction drive with oil-lubricated, hardened helical gears.
  • Ball bearings support Gear shafts at both ends for smooth operation and long life.
  • The integral pump and reducer design make the GNX pump models the first choice for economy and compactness.
  • Unique sliding-vane pump design self-adjusts for wear to maintain flow rates.
  • Excellent self-priming and dry-run capabilities.
  • Blackmer mechanical seal and ball bearing construction provide maximum reliability.
  • Symmetrical bearing support assures even loading and wear for a long life.
  • An adjustable relief valve protects the pump against excessive pressure.
  • External ball bearings are isolated from pumpage by mechanical seals to maximize bearing life and minimize contamination risk.
  • Easy maintenance: vanes can be easily replaced without removing the pump from the piping system.