NP3F Standard Sliding Vane Pump

$ 5,466.75 $ 5,910.00

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Equipped with Self-Lubricating Internal Sleeve Bearings for Maintenance-Free Performance

The unique head and bearing design of the NP Series pumps is conducive to a long bearing life - this design allows a small quantity of fluid to flow from the discharge side of the pump to the bearings. The small, continuous flow of fluid over the bearing surfaces provides a hydrodynamic film, minimizing temperature rise. These pumps are self-priming and dry-run capable due to self-adjusting vanes. The NP pumps can run dry for short periods, ideal for priming and line stripping. Additionally, high volumetric efficiency and symmetrical bearing support mean the NP Series pumps require less horsepower than other PD pumps, which increases efficiency and cost savings to operate the pumps.